This page was exported from Best Lead2pass PDF Dumps With New Update Exam Questions [ ] Export date:Mon Aug 19 18:35:03 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017 New] Free Lead2pass Cisco 400-201 Exam Questions Download (21-40) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 July Cisco Official New Released 400-201 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Are you worrying about the 400-201 exam? Lead2pass provides the latest 400-201 braindumps and guarantees you passing 400-201 exam beyond any doubt. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 21What IOS commands display MPLS label mapping on an LSR? A.    Show mpls ldp parametersB.    Show mpls ldp bindingsC.    Show mpls forwading-tableD.    Show mpls ldp discoveryE.    Show mpls ldp neighbor detailAnswer: B QUESTION 22Drag and Drop Questions   Answer:   QUESTION 23Refer to the exhibit. The vrf MAINT has been provisioned and used by the Service Provider management network. The engineer discovers that syslog messages are not being received on the syslog server. IP reachability has been validated using ping. Which issue in the configuration must be corrected?   A.    logging on must include the vrf MAINT keyword.B.    logging host must include the vrf MAINT keyword.C.    The logging facility must be configured for syslog processing.D.    The route targets that are configured do not match the route distinguisher. Answer: BExplanation: 59076 QUESTION 24Which are the three header fields that affect how Equal-Cost Multipath hashes traffic flow into interface groups? (Choose three.) A.    source MAC addressB.    source portC.    source IP addressD.    destination IP addressE.    IP protocol IDF.    destination MAC address Answer: BCD QUESTION 25An R1 router requires an equal load balancing to reach the prefix over two exit points: through R2 and R3 routers. Which two options must be configured on the R1 router to achieve this goal? (Choose two.) A.    The BGP maximum path feature must be configured on R1.B.    The BGP PIC core must be enabled on R1C.    Weight, local-pref, MED, as-path length, origin, and the BGP next-hop IGP cost must be the same for the R2 and R3 IBGP updates to R1.D.    The BGP Link Bandwidth feature must be applied on R1.E.    BGP extended community exchange must be enabled between IBGP neighbors. Answer: ACExplanation:BGP link-bandwidth is for unequal-cost routes. QUESTION 26A company is deciding between an HVR and SVR solution in order to finalize a virtualization project proposal. Which is an advantage of a HVR solution versus a SVR solution? A.    A HVR solution implements dedicated data plane resources.B.    A HVR solution implements shared control plane resources.C.    A HVR solution introduces significant contention of resources.D.    A HVR solution implements dedicated chassis resources. Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 27Which three of these are optical channel data unit (ODU) overhead fields? (Choose three) A.    general communication channel 0 (GCC0)B.    section monitoringC.    reserved (RES)D.    general communication channels 1 and 2 (GCC1 GCC2)E.    tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT) Answer: CDE QUESTION 28Which three modes are the operating of HDLC? (Choose three) A.    asynchronous balanced mode (ABM)B.    normal response mode (NRM)C.    normal peer mode (NPM)D.    asynchronous client mode (ACM)E.    asynchronous response mode (ARM) Answer: ABEExplanation: Asynchronous response mode is an HDLC addition[1] for use over full-duplex links. While retaining the primary/secondary distinction, it allows the secondary to transmit at any time. Asynchronous balanced mode added the concept of a combined terminal which can act as both a primary and a secondary. There are some subtleties about this mode of operation; while many features of the protocol do not care whether they are in a command or response frame, some do, and the address field of a received frame must be examined to determine whether it contains a command (the address received is ours) or a response (the address received is that of the other terminal). QUESTION 29BGP best route selection process is based on what? A.    path attributesB.    lowest costC.    highest bandwidthD.    lowest delayE.    lowest hop-count Answer: A QUESTION 30Refer to the exhibit. In the short-pipe QoS mode, this customer has QoS control for which two links? (Choose two.)   A.    aB.    cC.    dD.    bE.    e Answer: AE QUESTION 31Cisco IOS XR software is partitioned into three planes: control, data, and management. Which three of these belong to the data plane? (Choose three.) A.    XMLB.    RIBC.    FIBD.    QoSE.    PFI Answer: CDE QUESTION 32A network engineer is responsible for implementing a solution with Cisco IOS XR Software that insures continuous forwarding during a control plane failure. Which two technologies should the engineer consider? (Choose two.) A.    TE FRRB.    IP FRRC.    graceful restartD.    BFDE.    NSR Answer: CEExplanation: QUESTION 33What are three main characteristics of mLDP that differ from RSVP-TE? (Choose three.) A.    The LSPs are built from tailend to headend.B.    The LSPs are built from headend to tailend.C.    It supports only P2MP LSPs.D.    It supports both P2MP and MP2MP LSPs.E.    Signaling is periodic.F.    No periodic signaling is performed. Answer: ADFExplanation: QUESTION 34Which are the two purposes of the MPLS label value 1? (Choose two.) A.    it is used for MPLS OAM packets.B.    it indicates an implicit null label.C.    it is used for VPNv6 packets.D.    it is used to carry the QoS value in the label stack.E.    it indicates an explicit null label.F.    it indicates a router alert label. Answer: AFExplanation:A value of 1 represents the "Router Alert Label". When a received packet contains this label value at the top of the label stack, it is delivered to a local software module for processing. The actual packet forwarding is determined by the label beneath it in the stack. However, if the packet is forwarded further, the Router Alert Label should be pushed back onto the label stack before forwarding. The use of this label is analogous to the use of the "Router Alert Option" in IP packets (for example, ping with record route option) QUESTION 35Refer the exhibit. Two Autonomous Systems are enabled to support multicast. An engineer wants to set up configuration so that a multicast client at AS 100 can receive multicast traffic from the M-Server at AS 200. However, the RP announcements must be limited within each autonomous system site. Which Cisco IOS configuration achieves this goal?   A.    On both ASBRs Eth0/0 and the no ip pim sparse-mode command.B.    On both ASBRs add the ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 1 command.C.    On both RPs add the ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 2 command.D.    On both ASBRs Eth0/0 and the ip pim bsr-border command.E.    On both ASBRs Eth0/0 and the ip pim dense-mode command.F.    On both RPs add the ip pim bsr-border command. Answer: D QUESTION 36What is the main advantage of H-VPLS over VPLS? A.    H-VPLS provides redundancy.B.    H-VPLS provides security.C.    H-VPLS improves the scalability.D.    H-VPLS allows a broader use of protocols. Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 37In a Layer 2 VPN service, which is the default behavior of an EVC-based platform with regards to VLAN manipulation? A.    keeps the VLAN tag of the incoming frameB.    attaches two VLAN tags to the incoming frameC.    removes the VLAN tag from the incoming frameD.    removes all the VLAN tags from the incoming frameE.    sets the VLAN tag of the incoming frame Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 38Which of these is not a component of MPLS traffic engineering? A.    trunk admission controlB.    forwarding traffic to tunnelC.    information distributionD.    path selection, calculation, and setupE.    traffic patterns prediction Answer: E QUESTION 39Which three statements about MPLS traffic engineering (MPLS TE) are true? (Choose three) A.    MPLS TE supports admission controlB.    MPLS TE tunnel traffic is a link attribute to compute the TE tunnel pathC.    MPLS TE uses BGP extension to advertise link attributesD.    MPLS TE provides protection capabilityE.    MPLS TE uses RSVP to establish LSP Answer: ADE QUESTION 40Which three statements about BGP confederation and route reflectors are true? (Choose three) A.    Clusters are used in confederation schemes to avoid loops.B.    BGP network can have a confederation within a route reflector area.C.    An internal BGP network cannot have a route reflector within a confederation.D.    An internal BGP network can have a route reflector within a confederation.E.    Clusters are used in route reflector schemes to avoid loops.F.    BGP network cannot have a confederation within a route reflector area. 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